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No connection with server

The platform fails to connect to the server. What should I do?

If you see the "No connection" message in the status line in the bottom right corner, please do the following:

1. Close the platform and restart it.

2. Close the platform, press the right mouse button on the label "InstaTrader" and then select "run as administrator" in the top-up window.

3. Check your Internet connection. There might be a problem with your internet provider.

4. Click the left mouse button on the "No connection" message and select "Rescan servers" from the appeared menu.

5. Make sure that you use the correct server address in the trading platform: (to connect to a server in the United States), (to connect to a server in Singapore), (to connect to a server in Europe), (to connect to a server in Hong Kong), (to connect to a server in the UK), or (to connect to cent servers), and InstaForex or (to connect to demo servers). More detailed information about the servers the company uses is available in the section "Beginners" - "Frequently asked questions" - "InstaForex trading servers".

6. Make sure that your PC programs do not block connection to our server. Turn off firewalls, anti-virus software etc.

7. If the server is OK, and the actions described above did not help, delete the trading platform and reinstall it

8. Contact the Technical Support service.

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