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There was developed such positive feature as trading account safety at a bank level

Such positive feature as bank-level security of a trading account was developed

Every client can protect his trading account from hack attacks by means of SMS-password service activation every time making a withdrawal. Thus, activating the SMS-service in the Client Cabinet, the account holder provides 100% safety of his funds in case of unsanctioned withdrawal by an intruder with stolen trader’s password, as for each withdrawal a single-use password is required which is sent by SMS to the telephone of the account holder.

This is a detailed statistics of all logins to your Client Cabinet, which comprises the login history and complete information of every IP address. There is a summary about provider, its location, and even its coordinates on a map. Moreover, we provide an option of viewing the location of every listed in the history IP address on the map. The system of Access Log Files enables you to be aware of the trading account attack and prevent your funds’ withdrawal.

Above-mentioned facts prove a reliable protection of money and personal data of every InstaForex client.

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