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Live streaming as trend to make money!

Share your knowledge and experience in real time. Host live broadcasts, gain viewers, attract new clients, and make profits.

Streaming with InstaForex is a way of earning available for everyone.

Become a streamer

Who we are looking for

Anyone can participate in the program. Making money in a couple of clicks is easy. All you need is a camera, a microphone, and a desire to broadcast.

Rock your audience and enhance your chances of success!

Benefits of working with us

Our streamers will not have to promote their broadcasts, wait for monetization, and hope for advertising offers.

Your task is to host a great stream and keep your audience's attention. We in turn will help you make solid money. After all, we offer the highest affiliate commission in the market.

How to become InstaForex streamer?

Register as an affiliate

Go to your Affiliate Area

Create a stream and start earning


What platforms and devices do streamers need?

Our streamers can broadcast via mobile devices and PCs using any platform such as YouTube, Twitch, VK, Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet, etc.

In which format and on which topics can streamers broadcast content?

Streaming content can be delivered both in video and audio formats. You can broadcast media content on any topic interesting and useful for the company's clients who trade in live accounts.

How long does it take to get a stream reward?

A streamer receives a commission to his/her trading account from the trades of viewers within a week after hosting a broadcast.

What shapes the streamer's revenue?

The revenue of a video blogger depends on the audience coverage: the larger the audience, the higher the income. It is important that a viewer watch your stream to the end and leave a comment.

Are there any additional promotion mechanisms?

Yes, we are interested in our streamers to attract the largest possible audience. Please contact your personal manager to organise a promotion campaign.

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