The first round of Ukrainian Grand Mix Fight & ProFC Cup

April 15 marked the first step of Grand Mix Fight & ProFC Cup among professionals held in Simferopol. The comfortable hall of Simferopol State Circus again welcomed fans and supporters from all parts of Ukraine. Besides fans from Crimea, people from Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Kherson, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Sevastopol and other cities of our country came to support the fighters.

Mangust Magazine, May-June 2011

By 7:00 p.m. the visitors had already taken their seats and could hardly wait for the mix fight show to begin! 13 uncompromising, spectacular and catching encounters excited and entertained the audience; the fighting was accompanied by tremendous applause. People were flabbergasted at every breathtaking knockout, submission hold and chokehold of the best Ukrainian sportsmen! The tournament was enthralling indeed due to participants' proficiency and unconquerable will to win. Furthermore, the tournament was perfectly organized, so it appeared to be absolutely seamless. Over 4 million people were watching the live TV broadcast and over 12 thousand people were observing the online broadcast of the mix fight show!

Rating fight
Middleweight (up to 77 kg)
Siyar Sehitov VS Maksim Krolikov
Young yet experienced Seyar Seyitov managed to put an end to the encounter with a suffocating grip over Maksim Krolikov at the 70th second of the first round.

Pre-semifinal fights
Welterweight (up to 70 kg)
Andrey Prizyuk VS Aleksey Oleynik
Andrey Prizyuk (Tornado InstaForex, Simferopol) conquered Aleksey Oleynik (Profi Sport Promotion, Donetsk – Krivoy Rog) by the unanimous decision of the referees R2 5:00.
Taras Sapa VS Vitaliy Baryshnikov
Taras Sapa (Pro Team Peresvit, Kharkiv) conquered Vitaliy Baryshnikov(Real Fight Promotion, Lviv) by the unanimous decision of the referees R2 5:00.
Middleweight (up to 77 kg)
Aleksandr Voytenko VS Renat Lyatifov
Aleksandr Voytenko(Tornado-InstaForex, Simferopol) conquered Renat Lyatifov(Fight Zone, Donetsk) by the unanimous decision of the referees R2 5:00.
Sergey Churilov VS Andrey Ogorodniy
Sergey Churilov (Dobro, Kiev-Sumy) conquered Andrey Ogorodniy (Pro Team Peresvit, Kharkiv) TKO R1 3:20.
Light heavyweight (up to 84 kg)
Vladimir Nikolayev VS Anatoliy Safronov
Vladimir Nikolayev (Patriot, Dnepropetrovsk) conquered Anatoliy Safronov (Mangust, Odessa) by a suffocating grip R2 0:56.
Yuriy Pilipchuk VS Rustam Ragimov
Yuriy Pilipchuk (Dobro, Kiev-Sumy) conquered Rustam Ragimov (Fight Zone, Donetsk) by a kick in the leg R1 1:30.
Igor Slyusarchuk VS Sergey Utochkin
Igor Slyusarchuk (Pro Team Peresvit, Kiev – Ternopil) conquered Sergey Utochkin(Profi Sport Promotion, Donetsk – Krivoy Rog) by a knockout R1 2:02.

Prestige fight (up to 84 kg)
Alkhas Mukba VS Vladimir Katykhin
Vladimir Katykhin (RFP-COBRA, Poland) conquered Alkhas Mukba (Arhat, Simferopol) by a knockout R1 4:10.

Challenge fight
Heavyweight (up to 93 kg)
Dmitriy Bulgak VS Pavel Sabadash
Dmitriy Bulgak (Real Fight Promotion, Lviv) conquered Pavel Sabadash (Beskid, Ivano-Frankovsk) by a knockout R1 1:30.

Pre-semifinal fight
Super heavyweight (over 93 kg)
Igor Pisnya VS Viktor Matviychuk
Viktor Matviychuk (Profi Sport Promotion, Donetsk – Krivoy Rog) conquered Igor Pisnya (Tornado-InstaForex, Simferopol) by a knockout R1 2:30.

Super Fight (up to 70 kg)
Sergey Grechka (Germes, Kiev) VS Dukur Abu Bakar (Mangust, Odessa-Ghana)
Sergey Grechka (Germes, Kiev) conquered Dukur Abu Bakar (Mangust, Odessa-Ghana) by a punch in the arm R1 1:30.
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