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What are the risks?

There are the following risks:

- Market volatility: IPO shares can be subject to significant price fluctuations in the early stages of trading. The market demand and sentiment surrounding the company's stock can lead to high volatility, resulting in potential losses for investors.

- Risks related to the issuer's financial situation implying that the issuing company may dispose of its investments at any moment to satisfy its financial needs. It is also important to consider if the issuer is diversified enough so that the value of each security may have a significant effect on its financial situation.

- Risks related to the issuer's background. It is important to consider the date of the issuing company's foundation, its investment history and virtue policy.

- Legal and regulatory risks. The value of the shares of the issuing company may be affected by unpredictable changes in the legal infrastructure, international political developments, government policies, any kind of restrictions, and other factors.

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