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Size of remuneration offered to affiliates

InstaForex is obliged to:

* pay the 1.5 pip affiliate commission for forex major instruments.

* pay the 1.2 pip affiliate commission for CFD instruments.

* pay $20 affiliate commission for GOLD; $10 affiliate commission for SILVER.

* pay 33.3% affiliate commission for Futures from the company’s commission for the given contract.

* pay 4% affiliate commission for options trading from the cost of every option.

For such interments as Forex, CFD and Metals, the amount of remuneration is specified for a 1 lot transaction.

Any other payments are possible only in case of concluding additional agreements between the Company and the Affiliate.

Notably, each type of cooperation between you and our company includes other, additional unique advantages. Learn more interesting details in the "For affiliates" - "Advantages of affiliates" section.

How can other traders become your referrals?

There are three ways to attract new clients (referrals) so that they bring you profit by each executed deal:

- Using an affiliate link. Everyone who follows this link and opens a trading account becomes your referral.

- Using an affiliate code. Your referrals enter this code at registration in a special field.

- Using the notification system. You just need to know the name and account number of the customer you have attracted to make him your referral. Send an e-mail specifying these details and your affiliate account number to [email protected].

In order to register in the affiliate program, you should follow the "For affiliates" - "Types of affiliate programs" section, choose the type of partner program from the list and fill the registration form.

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