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Bank card verification

If you top up your trading account with a credit card, you must verify it by uploading copies of the front and back sides of the credit card in the Verification > > Verify card section of the client area.

The requirements for a bank card verification:

1. You need to upload clear and color images of both sides of a bank card.

2. An image of the front side of your card should display:

- a cardholder's name

- the expiry date

- the first 6 and the last 4 digits of a bank card number.

3. An image of the backside of your card should display your signature.

4. The CVV code must be covered.

5. If you are verifying a no-name bank card, you should also upload a document containing the above-mentioned data (except for the signature). It can be a bank statement or a screenshot of your online bank webpage. If you are uploading a screenshot of a webpage, please include the URL of the page as well.

6. If a cardholder's name and card number are placed on different sides of the card, please upload the bank statement or the screenshot of the online bank, where we can see the cardholder's name, the last 4 digits of the card number, and the URL (for screenshots).

Importantly, you cannot verify a bank card of a third party no matter how hard you try.

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