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There is no company, which gives bank guarantees providing Forex services. InstaForex has hundreds of thousands clients all over the world and they trust the company. Some time ago we offered bank guarantee but due to the world financial crises we do not provide this service anymore because of its unprofitability.
Nevertheless, InstaForex offers unique service to their clients - opening of segregated accounts, providing protection of the client's capital from risks of any force majeure situations, connected with company's activity. In accepted sense of the term segregated account means storage of clients' funds separately from funds of the company. InstaForex had developed a new standard of safety guarantee for client's funds within the providing of segregated accounts by a following principle:
The owner of a segregated trading account in InstaForex can store 70% from his/her deposit on bank account or on the account of authorized representative. So he/she is able to make operations with the full deposited sum while the safe margin is enough.
More detailed information is available on the company's official website.

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