1. The winners of the Contest are determined by a transparent internet voting carried out among the visitors of the contest`s website.

2. The voting starts when a profile appears on the website of the Contest and continues till the end of the Contest. The website users, having a live trading account with InstaForex attached to the user's profile, have a right to vote for any number of participants. However, only one vote per Participant is allowed. There are no limits to the number of votes a day. Users, who do not have InstaForex live accounts, may vote no more than three times per day.

3. The weight of a user's vote is equivalent to 10 points. In order to increase the weight of a vote, users have to attach an InstaForex live account to the profile. After the account is linked to the profile, the weight of a user's vote will be increased proportionally to the balance on it. If a balance of a trading account is less than $200, the weight of one vote will equal 20 points. If the trading account balance exceeds $200, the weight of a vote will be calculated according to the formula: account balance in USD/10. Regardless of the PAMM trader's account balance, running over $10,000, the vote weight shall be calculated according to the following formula: $10,000/10. If account balance is reduced, the user's vote weight (including the already left votes) declines in proportion to the withdrawn/lost amount.

4. Based on the results of the Internet voting, the following winners will be determined:

Miss Insta Asia

Forex Lady

Miss Posh

Miss Creativity

Miss Spice

Miss Smile

5. It is prohibited to use unfair methods for increasing the Participant`s rating. The unfair methods include prepaid tasks on specialized websites, registration of several accounts from one computer, etc. In case the contest administration detects such violations (increase of votes), the rating of the participant will be set to zero, or the participant will be disqualified. For the time of investigating the matter, the participant's profile will be blocked.

6. The Company is entitled to request a participant to provide information about the resources she promotes her web page on. In case there is no reply, the contest administration reserves the right to block the participant`s profile.

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