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At present InstaForex is one of the leading brokers in the Forex market. The number of the Company’s clients exceeds 2,000,000 people around the world and the trading operations’ volume of InstaForex is enhancing every day. In this regard, InstaForex pays great attention to the uninterrupted and regular trading servers’ work. Thus, making possible the distribution of customer orders flow among numerous servers including the intermediary data centers. Nowadays, the InstaForex trading system comprises 9 full-fledged trading servers.

All of them share traffic with the help of intermediary data centers, which include over 200 additional servers located in different parts of the world. Thus, a complex system of servers and data centers makes it possible for traders to have a high-grade and rapid connection to the trading center. In case of any intermediary data center becomes overloaded, the client trading platform is automatically switching to other data center.
InstaForex trading servers in the US include numerous data centers and are designed for clients across the globe, in particular, North America and the Russian Federation. The advanced technical support and trouble-proof transmission channels provided by one of the best American company makes the US InstaForex server popular among the clients from North America, Russia, and Europe.

The InstaForex server in Singapore has 10 data centers and is mostly used by the customers from the Middle East and the South Asian region. A short time of order performance makes it attractive for those Asian clients who appreciate the speed of trading. Ten data centers, exploiting the capacities of the best Asian provider in Singapore, distribute traffic in order to secure the maximal failure-free time for InstaForex clients’ trading.
Two InstaForex trading servers in Europe have several data centers. They ensure timely execution of orders placed by numerous traders regardless of where they are.

The European servers provide traders from Europe with high-quality timely orders processing. Additionally, these also partially take the load of other trading servers of the Company. On InstaForex trading servers in Europe quotes comprise 5 figures.

No matter where every new client of InstaForex is, he or she can select one of eleven trading servers appealing to them, as each InstaForex trading server is a reliable controlling mean used to manage investments in the Internet, and the time difference of a server reaching the client from any part of the world does not exceed 0.2 seconds. Numerous consumers open several accounts on different servers, thus getting an opportunity to estimate the quality of their functioning in the process of trade.

Given above scheme reflects the principle of work and interconnection of InstaForex trading servers and data centers' system.

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