1. A profile should contain the full name of the participant.

2. The requirements for the photos:

- There must be no less than three photos in a profile

- Accepted file types are .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png.

- Minimum width/height of photos is 500 px

- Maximum width/height of photos is 3,000 px

- The size of the photo must not exceed 2 MB

- Poor quality photos are not accepted

- The photo must not be a shot of one's reflection in the mirror

- The face must be seen clearly and directed towards the camera lens

- Photo collages are not accepted

- Erotic photos are forbidden

- Excessive editing of photos using graphic editing software is not welcomed

- It is forbidden to send photos containing logos of the external resources

- It is forbidden to send photos containing other external notes

- Photos must only contain the image of the participant; there must not be other people in it.

- Photos can be changed during the whole contest period

3. A participant is obliged to fill in all fields of the profile. Empty profiles will not be accepted for participation in the contest.

4. It is prohibited to create more than one profile for one participant or register profiles for another person.

5. A participant`s profile appears on the official web page of the contest after it is approved by the moderator.

6. The Company reserves the right to reject the photos of participants with no explanation.

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