Check your status in the Client Area in the Account Verification section and carefully read the letter with verification results that was sent to your email. To successfully complete the verification process, follow the recommendations sent to you in the Client Area.

If you used the InstaVerify app for Android or iOS to verify your account, you can receive push notifications (short pop-up messages in the app) of your account verification status or monitor changes of your account verification status in the app. 

The document for verification can be rejected for several reasons: 

1.  the account owner’s personal details are incorrect and/or incomplete (full name, date of birth, residential address);

2.  you have sent a document that is either not appropriate for the account verification (a document with no photo or no name) or it is the wrong document for the certain verification level;

3.  the rejected document has already been sent for the previous verification level;

4.   the photo of the document is of low resolution.

The photo of good quality must meet the following requirements:

• the information and the photo in the document (including the fields) must not be overexposed;

• the information and the photo in the document (including the fields) must not be blurred;

• the design of the document must be visible;

• the edges and corners of the document must be clearly visible;

• the information and the photo in the document as well as the document itself must not be covered by other objects;

• the photo of the document must not contain obvious erasures, postscripts, crossed out words, or other corrections that have not been specified, as well as no signs of graphic editing;

• the color of the document photo must be as similar to the original document as possible.

To find out the exact reason why your document was declined, please contact the Customer Support Service (see the contacts at Besides, you can email your question at [email protected] 

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