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How to verify an account?

InstaForex guarantees the highest level of account protection against the Internet fraud and hacking that are usually followed by stealing access to account and email passwords, ID data and even the copy of ID. 

In most cases the best way to identify the client is a phone call on the number that was indicated during the account registration as apparently the Internet scammers could not steal a self-phone of the victim. However, sometimes the phone call is not successful because of the language barrier or unavailability of the phone number.

The alternative method to identify the client is to request additional documents such as address proof that is difficult to forge, or request the photo of the client with his ID in his hand (the face should be clearly seen on the photo). With modern technologies, almost everybody can take a picture of himself.

If there are any handicaps of providing requested information, a client will be offered alternative methods of identification. In such cases one should accept the risk of probable delays in case the identification is held applying different methods from the standard ones given below:

1) Request of additional documents (excluding ID);

2) Request of a photo with the ID in the hand of its owner.

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