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What is the procedure of receiving the Club bonus?

The amount of the credited Bonus depends on the trading account surplus. * Thus, the credited Bonus will be equal to:

Surplus is < 500$ - 1% of surplus
Surplus is 500-1000 – 2%
Surplus is 1000-1500 – 3%
Surplus is 1500-2500 – 4%
Surplus is 2500-5000 – 5%
Surplus is 5000-7500 – 6%
Surplus is 7500-10000 – 7%
Surplus is 10000-13000 – 8%
Surplus is 13000-15000 – 9%
Surplus is 15000 and over – 10%

The Club Bonus can be credited to the account, which is already credited with a bonus of another type (the 30% Bonus or the Fixed Welcome Bonus), though the sum of the credited bonuses is neglected in the Club Bonus calculation. The number of accounts for the Club Bonus receipt by The Client is not limited. The Client has a right to get the Club Bonus each time he/she deposits a trading account.

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