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15.05.2019 Post in Finance

We are proud to announce that all clients of our company can trade cryptocurrencies with more beneficial spreads. From now on, the spreads are lowered on the following cryptocurrencies: BCHUSD from 12 to 2 Litecoin from 2 to 0.7 Ethereum from 8 to 2 Ripple from 0.01 to 0.005 The lower spreads on cryptocurrecies enable… Read more

10.10.2012 Post in Finance

Since the euro is one of the main Forex instruments, it is crucial to know to what extent this estimable currency is influential. At present, the euro is an official currency for the majority of EU nations. 7 countries out of 27 are even planning to replace their national currency with the euro in 2014-2015. Denmark, Sweden and Great… Read more

19.09.2012 Post in Finance

Change of interest rates may lead to ambiguous reaction of traders and have some consequences for a national currency. On the one hand, interest rates change should be in direct proportion to the change of exchange rates; on the other hand, every rule has an exception. Let’s examine the information in details. It is beneficial… Read more

14.11.2011 Post in Finance

It is at least imprudent to start trading on Forex not making strict rules and getting wise to the trading basics. Look before you leap – or so much time and nerves will be spent to no purpose. Before being flush with money right and left it is better to get insight into capital or… Read more

12.03.2009 Post in Finance

Everybody faced with the need to transfer funds to the relative, business partner, friend or pay for Internet purchase. As for me by the nature of my activity I have to transfer my funds from one bank account or electronic wallet to the other. I have to replenish my account very often, as well as… Read more