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Mass media about us

This section contains publications about InstaForex Company released in print and online all over the world. Numerous articles dedicated to the activities of InstaForex international broker indicate the interest of mass media and their audience to our company. We seek to be as open and transparent to mass media and the consumers as possible. If you represent mass media and are interested in information about InstaForex Company or first-hand professional comments about Forex from its player, please visit Journalist's inquiries page.

European CEO Magazine, Autumn 2013

Forex for the masses

It is crucial to find a reliable broker that can provide solutions for investors with different levels of competence. Through supreme customer service and diverse financial instruments, InstaForex delivers on all counts.

When all global financial platforms are easily accessible, you can break new ground in profit-making. From ECN forex to the markets of derivatives and commodities, InstaForex gives free rein to its customers in choosing the most convenient trading instruments and terms. This allows clients to work with classic currency instruments, forex options, shares, indices, and futures CFDs. In addition the company has four types of account tailored to suit each and every trading strategy. This includes cent accounts that can be chosen for small deposits, as the minimum volume equals 0.0001 of a trading lot. To optimise trading and arrange the working process, a trader can set the required leverage individually from 1:1 to 1:1,000.

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World Finance Magazine, August 2013

Adapting to forex market density

In the saturated market of retail forex, it is not enough to offer a good service. Brokers need to maintain originality to provide the best service possible. World Finance speaks to Vladimir Syrov, Director for Business Development at Instaforex.

Through the creation of its PAMM system – which allowed traders to manage not just their own funds, but joint capital as well – InstaForex managed to position itself within the forex industry in 2009, back when retail forex was still an emerging market. “We were among pioneers,” says Vladimir Syrov, Director for Business Development of Instaforex. “It was a case of whatever innovation we brought, we would increase the customers’ base significantly because we were among the first to understand the potential of retail forex, especially in Asia.” Instaforex facilitates exactly what its name implies: instant forex trading. The PAMM system permits the transfer of funds under the company’s control to entitle an investor to share in a trader account proportionate to their investment.

Efficient online management means that all users are provided with control and report on all operations, shares and returns automatically. But it is all very well and good to be considered innovators when the market is still fresh. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. Four years on and a very different landscape presents itself. The market density is close to 100 percent, representing a major paradigm shift in the way in which retail forex operates.

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Hong Kong Business Magazine, November 2012

All the colors of Forex trading

Forex trading is no longer currency rate speculation. The essence of investment in Forex market has become closer to the conventional idea of investment and even moved beyond its borders. Today anyone having a computer connected to the Internet can either trade on Forex and be responsible for the result or employ experienced and successful traders through the PAMM and ForexCopy systems. Despite both systems are related to money management and Forex market, the trader’s role and the very philosophy of trading differ. What does Instaforex offer? Being registered with the PAMM system, an investor transfers money to the account of a chosen trader and, depending on the efficiency of a trader’s strategy, receives profit exclusive of the commission. After registering with the ForexCopy system, an investor enjoys the opportunity to open the same trades as a chosen trader does. It means that an investor trades on his own yet following the model of a successful trader.

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SME Magazine, August 2012

First Check Point of Your Forex Map

Forex has already proved itself as a really independent and effective business platform with a serious approach, of course. Nevertheless, the main advantage of the market is perhaps absolute accessibility of Forex. If you have an electronic device and an access to the Internet, you are a potential trader. And further on, you can be called either a lucky or a non-successful trader, which at first sight will depend only on yourself. However, not only on yourself… In addition to a computer, Internet provider and a wish to trade, it is of high significance to find the right gate to the world of private currency investments, meaning to select a reliable and a respected broker.

Forex has not reached the ceiling. It is expanding with regard to key indicators of the market. The number of brokers is enhancing along with the quantity of traders, taking into account not only today’s traders, but also potential ones. It still should be noted that not all companies can fully satisfy the needs of the clients and offer them something worthy. Brokers differ.

Though it is important to find a guide to the currency market – a broker of ideal reputation and maximum transparent structure. In fact, InstaForex broker fully conforms with the aforementioned description for a long period of time.

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Asian Power Magazine, August 2012

Yellow brick road to proficiency

InstaForex equips and educates traders with excellent online instruments for a successful Forex trading.

More and more people around the globe prefer investing in Forex. Nevertheless, only a few of them enter the market with professional skills of investing. Forex is mostly considered as something very simple and easy to understand. In a measure it is so, because to get involved in currency trading one needs an electronic device with the access to the Internet, an uploaded trading platform and a certain deposit. However this is enough to begin the journey only, with no respect to the result achieved. To be sure of the outcome, add learning to your experience. Even those who are totally green on Forex realize it, thus driving up the demand for education related to private investments.

Absolutely all education projects are holding out promises to instantly teach a newbie how to earn on Forex, which actually is possible, though not for every education program. The “intolerable” burden can be shouldered only by the education projects, that are launched on the basis of large brokers and delivered by guru of trading and experienced analysts with reliable reputation; others are obviously availing of the “the magic words” with the mere purpose of marketing.

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Asian Banking & Finance Magazine, August 2012

Trade Forex and save your time

Find out how you can trade on the market with less time and effort yet take as much profit as experienced traders do. Nowadays information and time cost more than money, so private investors may face a challenge of finding high yield investment solutions that do not take too much time. Though some people associate Forex market with spending a lot of time and effort, modern Forex is ready to offer something completely different. Leading Forex brokers keep pace with not only time and its companion technological process, but also with expectations and needs of traders, regardless of how much effort and money they are ready to spend on it. At present, traders do not have to waste their time in front of the screen waiting for a trend or learning fundamental and technical analyses. Forex market comprises people, a huge number of people, with different levels of knowledge and experience, trading both less and more effectively. At the same time, Forex is a boundless trading floor, a community, or even an organism. If someone is successful on Forex, he can share his knowledge with novices and those who have not succeeded in receiving stable profit yet. Now no one needs to find a Forex guru and try to learn something from him. It is much simpler. Brokers with extended client bases are able to provide their customers with new services of a higher rank.

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Singapore Business Magazine, November 2012)

Time for great achievements

It is not the first year that financial market faces significant challenges: instability, low demand for instruments, and low volatility move from one market segment to another. Corporations cannot guarantee investors stable growth, sovereign bonds and other securities are too long to kindle private investors’ interest while commodity market is too conservative to be attractive during the period when currency instruments are demonstrating profitable for short-term investments oscillations. In fact, instruments demonstrating such fluctuations imply well-liked currency and Forex market which is favored by traders-investors. This market became a real shelter for active private investors especially when investments are regarded as lottery rather than management.

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Shares Magazine, March 2012

Innovations at the core

InstaForex Company international online broker is well known to a wide circle of traders around the world, and, based on important criteria, it is among the leaders on its market. Having entered the market in 2007, the broker has already been ackoledged by numerous reliable magazines. For example, from 2009 to 2011, British magazine World Finance named InstaForex Company the “Best Broker Asia”. CNBC Business, another British magazine, said the company was the most dynamically developing broker in Europe. And the international Forex exhibition ShowFx World twice recognized InstaForex as the best broker on show ― at Kuala Lumpur and Singapore financial expositions.

So, what makes InstaForex so successful that it has been singled out from other brokers? Primarily, it is its fundamental approach to business organization. From the very beginning, significant funds were invested in the company allowing it to take up solid positions in the market and offer the most favourable trading conditions worldwide. In such a dense Forex market segment as brokerage, it is very important to maintain vitality and provide new services to clients.

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IAIR Magazine, October – December 2011

Forex: focus on the best player in Asia

The IAIR Award is given to InstaForex Company in recognition of its excellent financial and trading services in the Forex sector in Asia and worldwide. InstaForex is able to offer its customers some of the most effective Forex tools available and free access to a great variety of trading instruments with excellent standards of quality.

Interview with Ekaterina Abramova, PR-Director, InstaForex Group

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Shares Magazine, Оctober 2011

Efficient Forex education: myth or reality?

The number of traders worldwide increases every year boosting supply of and demand for educational services on Forex. Most of the existing Forex educational solutions promise to teach potential traders how to speculate on currency rates and get profit from investments in nearly no time at all. Are these promises true or such attractive offers are just marketing ploys?

Forex training implies a range of educational services providing a trader with knowledge sufficient for work on the market. As an example, let us consider large broker InstaForex Company that offers its clients high quality educational services, apart from benefitial trading conditions.

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