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05.03.2013 Post in World Economy

Greece’s debt crisis was among key factors affecting the euro rate for the last 5 years. It is believed that the governmental debt of the Balkan country shot up in 2008 amid global financial meltdown. In 2009 public borrowing totaled 30% of the country’s GDP while the budget deficit reached 13.6% of GDP, record reading… Read more

19.11.2012 Post in World Economy

Today the Eurozone debt crisis is the subject traders and economists have been discussing most. Month by month, forecasters paint an increasingly dark picture of a situation in the EU with a collapse of the union at worst. Greece, France and Italy with its banking crisis may be the first to leave the EU due… Read more

07.11.2012 Post in World Economy

Bonds are securities issued by state agencies and organizations, local governments and corporations. In other words, issuers are various government institutions. In this article we are going to be exploring characteristics of bonds and what a trader should know about them. To begin with, there are different types of bonds. They are classified according to their issuing… Read more

31.10.2012 Post in World Economy

The IMF warns of so-called “dangerous new phase” which reflects instability of global economy and impossibility of long-term planning. Such circumstances as cut of Italy’s credit rating, crisis of 2008, European economy woes, and search for money for French fragile banks make investments unsound way of money use. Investors give up believing in the abilities… Read more

24.10.2012 Post in World Economy

Being the country’s largest bank, Central bank regulates the national economy climate and creates conditions for its successful development. Central banks of different countries can be called state, national, reserve or issuing. Since Central banks deal with global movement of cash between different financial institutions, their activity greatly affects the currency rates fluctuations. Financial market… Read more