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We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

Andrey Nikolaev "InstaForex Sniper" (09/04/2017 – 09/09/2017) - 2nd prize gainer
Sniper isn’t an easy contest. If you miss a trend, you miss the top places because someone is in the trend for sure. You should be all eyes for 5 days. It’s good that such contests are organized. Thank you, InstaForex.
Ilkhom Mukhtarov "InstaForex Sniper" (09/04/2017 – 09/09/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
Thanks to the contest organizers for transparency. I wish all contestants good trading.
Zabri Mohd Zabri Muda "InstaForex Sniper" (08/28/2017 – 09/02/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
Thank you very much, InstaForex, for the prize and the contest that helped me learn how to use my technical skills and control my emotions.
Mariya Bibikova "InstaForex Sniper" (08/28/2017 – 09/02/2017) - 4th prize gainer
I didn’t think I would win. It’s a very dynamic and captivating contest!
Leonid Gvozdik "InstaForex Sniper" (08/28/2017 – 09/02/2017) - 5th prize gainer
I want to thank InstaForex for the given opportunity to challenge my skills in real trading conditions. I wish you development, prosperity, and profits!
Vladimir Belikov "InstaForex Sniper" (08/07/2017 – 08/12/2017) - 1st prize gainer
It`s always nice to receive prizes, but it`s even better to be on the first place. However, the main advantage of the InstaForex contests is that these prizes allow me to start trading on a live account.
Vladimir Yarovoy "InstaForex Sniper" (08/07/2017 – 08/12/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
I am very happy to win a prize in this wonderful competition once again. I’ve been participating for several years and I plan to continue taking part in the competitions. Thank you for this opportunity.
Andrey Prizhilevskiy "InstaForex Sniper" (07/24/2017 – 07/29/2017) - 4th prize gainer
The InstaForex contests are very attractive because they allow not just to guess the current price movement, but also analyze it for several currency pairs at once, and correctly forecast it. Such competitions are useful for experienced traders and beginners as they help to develop trading skills. I wish you all great success in this difficult business. Wish profits to all of you!
Andrey Potapenko "InstaForex Sniper" (07/17/2017 – 07/22/2017) - 2nd prize gainer
Participating in the InstaForex competitions, you enjoy the trading process, while the spirit of competition that is present during the tournament serves as a good incentive for achieving better results. Step by step, constantly working, you can achieve outstanding results. I want to thank all the traders who participated in the competition. You are all worthy rivals and excellent traders. You should trade, improve skills on the InstaForex contest accounts, gain experience, and you will succeed. The key thing is not to stop trading and be steady in your purpose. I would also like to thank understanding and cooperative customer service manager Maria Melnichenko. Thanks to all InstaForex employees for the opportunity to participate in the contest.
Igor Stulikov "InstaForex Sniper" (07/17/2017 – 07/22/2017) - 4th prize gainer
Thank you, InstaForex, for interesting contests. I enjoyed participation and I’m very happy to win a prize.
Aleksandr Borisov "InstaForex Sniper" (07/03/2017 – 07/07/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
InstaForex is the best company in the forex market! Everything is perfect in it: great contests, fast execution of orders, withdrawal of funds from live accounts, and, most importantly, respect for its clients. Thank you!
Mochamad Supriyadi "InstaForex Sniper" (07/03/2017 – 07/07/2017) - 5th prize gainer
I like this contest for the spirit of competition and prizes. Thanks to InstaForex for the opportunity to participate.
Andrey Dralyuk "InstaForex Sniper" (06/19/2017 – 06/24/2017) - 1st prize gainer
Thank you, InstaForex, for the opportunity to compete with successful traders and prove myself. Thanks to you, I have learned to control the market and make the most of it. Wish you success and prosperity!
Vladimir Yarovoy "Great Race InstaForex" (07/17/2017 – 08/18/2017), 2nd prize gainer
I am very glad that I managed to take the second place in this prestigious competition. To show a good result for a month of struggle is an achievement for me. Thanks for the interesting contest and generous prizes.
Sergey Sholin "Great Race InstaForex" (07/17/2017 – 08/18/2017), 5th prize gainer
I want to express my deepest gratitude to all InstaForex employees for organization of such challenging contests. Thank you very much! I`m very happy to get one more prize in InstaForex contest. This time I am on the fifth place at Great Race.
Andrey Potapenko "InstaForex Real Scalping" (07/03/2017 – 07/29/2017) - 2nd prize gainer
Participation in the InstaForex contests is a good opportunity to demonstrate your professional skills trading on equal terms with other traders. Such competitions allow you to constantly improve your trading strategy. Based on the amount of free time and the selected strategy, a trader can choose a contest that allows him to compete with other traders and work at the same time. What I like about InstaForex is narrow spreads and caring and responsive customer service managers who will always help their clients. Once again, I want to thank client manager Maria Melnichenko. I also sincerely thank all InstaForex employees for the provided opportunities. All you need to do to win in a contest is constantly develop your strategy and skills and, of course, trade on the trend. Trade like us, trade better than us with InstaForex!
Ekwe Anthony "FX-1 Rally" (04/14/2017 – 04/15/2017) - 5th prize gainer
I would like to thank Instaforex for the platform they offer to traders worldwide without bounds. FX Rally, among other contests held by Instaforex, is the most challenging because once a mistake is made (if you do not follow your strategy), you will miss Top 5. It is all about patience, discipline and dedication to succeed that lifted me to the 5th position. This is real!
Ilias Sadykov “FX-1 Rally” (04/28/2017-04/29/2017) - 5th prize gainer
Thanks for interesting contest and prizes! I love participating in competitions, especially win in them! I didn’t expect to get a prize place as many participants were disqualified. The contest was great! The race was awesome!
Andrey Zhurenkov “FX-1 Rally” (05/05/2017-05/06/2017) - 4th prize gainer
Thank you, InstaForex, for such a great contest, FX-1 Rally. I’ve been participating in this contest for five years and learning how to trade on Forex properly, while I was engaged in some other activities. I think this contest is a nice training in intraday trading, which is considered the most challenging. And of course it feels nice to get a prize place and win funds to a live account. Thank you once again!
Oleg Visochanskiy “FX-1 Rally” (05/05/2017-05/06/2017) - 5th prize gainer
Thanks for the contest! It’s unbelievable that I won a prize once again!!!
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