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12.10.2012 Post in World Economy

The latest EU developments generated untold number of talks about its further prospects. The most probable outcome, though allowing for other alternatives, was the prophecy of imminent breakout of the Eurozone idea per se. An imaginary scenario was wisely baptized as Eurogeddon. Quite an artistic term appeared in the end of 2011, the time when… Read more

26.09.2012 Post in World Economy

The global financial crisis is at the top of world community’s agenda today. Economic experts, politicians and people without financial literacy discuss it. There are a lot of anecdotes about crisis in the Internet. People are concerned about it, experts are analyzing it, but there is no clear forecast of the way the crisis will… Read more

31.08.2012 Post in World Economy

While Eurozone leaders are desperately trying to breathe new life into Greece’s junk economy plugging the leak with massive loans, the real threat to the euro is swelling in the North. It bears the name of Finland. The point is that the Land of Thousands Lakes expressed readiness to leave the Eurozone in case Spain’s and… Read more

22.08.2012 Post in World Economy

Is there any relation between goods and currency markets? It is worth noting that every currency unit is tied to inventories and has no value without them. Oil being an integral part of economy’s security and economic competitiveness of many countries ensures this value. The U.S. dollar directly depends on oil prices and has great… Read more

27.01.2010 Post in World Economy

It is of no secret, that Forex is the largest financial market in the world, the tempo of its development leaves no chance to the rivals over the globe. Forex helps thousands of people earn much money without any breaks and days-off. The point is that currency markets have multiple advantages over other markets. The… Read more