17.05.2022 Post in Events

Hardly any fintech company can boast its own beauty contest. Not only does hold InstaForex an annual contest but it also encourages participation with a handsome prize pool. This time, 5 winners shared the common prize fund worth $45,000. 


The international online beauty contest Miss InstaForex has become a glorious tradition. Year after year, dozens of girls from around the world contend for a few main titles and generous awards. The 2021 season was no exception as the competition was tough.           

Users of the contest website were voting for the most charming and graceful ladies for several months straight. The only requirement for the participants was to submit the best photos. In turn, the jury had to vote for the most attractive contestants. 

 All in all, adorable brunette Olga Droga won the most votes. 


The girl confessed that she feels the most comfortable with her own family and enjoys travelling. InstaForex awarded the 32-year-old Ukrainian beauty the main prize: $20,000. 

 The second prize worth $10,000 and the title of InstaForex Vice Miss were given to Galina Tarasenko, the 36-year-old model and blogger from Russia. 


The girl can boast about another achievement in a beauty contest. She was among the 5 finalists of the regional Miss Fascination contest held in Kostroma.  

 The bronze prize-winner is 31-year-old Ukrainian Yulia Gorkavenko who received $5,000. The girl works as a geologist and has some uncommon hobbies, including fishing and hunting. 


Another beauty from Ukraine was recognized as the best in the Insta Choice nomination. 26-year-old blond Alexandra Moiseyeva was also awarded $5,000. The girl is fluent in 5 foreign languages. She is a model and blogger. On top of that, she has been working as a runway coach in China. 

 Tatiana Kortusova from Russia also entered the top 5 in the Miss InstaForex contest. The 28-year-old girl has long lustrous red hair and works as a nurse. Tatiana was awarded the Forex Lady title and won $5,000.              

 Remarkably, even though the contest and the award ceremony were arranged online, all participants enjoyed the festive atmosphere in full. Besides, the company provided each winner with a professional photo shoot.  

 If you want to impress the world like these lucky ladies, anything is possible. The company is already accepting profiles for the next season of Miss InstaForex 2022. Rules of participation are available here.

Registration of contestants is open until September 1, 2022. Do not blow your chance to manifest your beauty, win a prestigious title, and receive a generous cash prize!