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The crisis has led us to a revise of the dollar as the international reserve currency. The rumors about making the common currency which will unify the Middle East countries, particularly the main oil-producing participants of the world raw material market, brought oil into fire. Russia loudly announces about ruble strengthening and about a wish to operate with its international trading partners using the national currency at least in a part of mutual exchanges. The same does China, which export and confidence to yuan need to be increased. And recent regular SCO meeting in Ekaterinburg looked like a funeral of the US dollar as the world reserve currency in the eyes of American financial reporters. The motion was set up, but nevertheless, it was provoked by the crisis. If the crisis is not so prolonged in respect of optimistic forecasts, these movements will not be so dynamic. In case of recession slows down and the world consumption and the industrial output growth, the dollar will take its position again and will not look like disposable paper.

Otherwise even according to the most pessimistic forecasts for dollar, the USA have their answer (by the way, it is comparable to the appearance of the Euro in the international exchange market arena), this answer is Amero.

Amero is the name of a supposed currency of the North American Union (NAU) that will include The USA, Canada and Mexico. In other words, the question is foundation of a new state similar to The European Union. Conversations regarding this have been carried on since 1999 and insensibly, are going beside approach. Thus, in March 2005 the summit of presidents Bush and Fox and prime-minister Martin took place. There were discussed ideas of the interregional political and economic union forming that will put together The USA, Canada and Mexico in reference to The North American Free Trade Agreement.

In the joint sentiment that was published in follow-up of the summit was manifested about the first step of the alliance’s forming, it was named “The Security And Prosperity Partnership”.

Don’t rush to celebrate the world’s unification. Unfortunately, exactly this union threatens not just with simple financial economic crisis, but with a global economic catastrophe. Almost for every country, except The United States.

Exactly such opinion is expressed by different experts, they confirm it with figures. And what is more, it is affirmed that setting up of The North America Union, dollar’s decline and Amero’s leading in is an “exporting of inflation” in the countries all over the world and “the most smashing strike on the global economy during the whole history of the current civilization existing”.

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