All the documents uploaded for account verification must meet the following requirements:

1. The photo must be clear and in color.

2. The image must have a two-page spread, including all edges and corners:

• photos of both sides of an ID card are required;

• If according to the rules of the customer’s country of residence, the passport is not changed or renewed upon a certain age but has a new photo pasted into and/or the expiry date extended, the photo of such page must be submitted as well;

• If the customer’s name is in two languages in the passport, but this data is on different pages, then both pages must be present in the photo.

3. No obvious erasures, additions, scratch-outs, or other unauthorized manipulations are allowed. The image is allowed to have For InstaForex watermark that shouldn’t cover your photo and other details. This rule does not apply if you plan to use a bank card or a wire transfer for depositing/withdrawing funds. 

4. The photo must be of high quality.

5. The name(s) on the account must be identical to the one(s) in the document.

6. One of the documents uploaded for verification must prove a client’s address. Address specified in the account data must be the same as in the document.

7. The document submitted must be valid for at least 6 months at the moment of applying for verification and be duly stamped and signed.

8. The document uploaded for the second-level verification must differ from the one submitted for the first level.*

9. In case the account is registered in the name of a legal entity, the documents confirming the company’s registration must be provided.**

10. Accepted file types are: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif and .pdf. The total size of the uploaded files for each verification level should not exceed 25 МB. The resolution should be no more than 400 pixels. 

11. Electronic bank statements and electronic utility bills are not accepted for verification. Bank statements can be accepted if the document is signed and sealed by bank officials, utility bills should be uploaded with a payment slip. If there is a barcode or QR code on a utility bill, then you do not need to download a payment slip.

12. It is not allowed to type your name in capital letters. Only first letters of the name/names can be capitalized.

* The requirement 8 also applies to the clients who uploaded the same page of the passport to both verification levels. The requirement does not apply to the clients who submitted the page of the passport containing the residential address along with the main page (information page) of the passport. In case the main page of a passport is uploaded for the first level, the page confirming the residential address is enough to get the second-level verification status.

** If a trading account is opened by a legal entity, the documents confirming the company's registration and shareholder certificate are necessary to upload to pass the first level of verification. For the second level of verification, an identification document of the individual owning the account must be provided.

Documents for the first-level verification:

a) Articles of association and memorandum of association, or equivalent documents;

b) Registration documents (registration certificate, certificate of incorporation, etc.);

c) Directors register (board resolution, appointment of the director, incumbency certificate).

Documents for the second-level verification:

a) a photo of the passport belonging to the person authorized to trade on the account (or the director if he/she is the one to trade);

b) power of attorney to carry out operations on the trading account (if trading is conducted by a person other than the company's director).


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