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The InstaForex cashback service is an opportunity to get back a portion of the commission from closed deals. Thanks to this program, you can refund to your trading account 5% and more from spreads, swaps, and commissions incurred during trading.

The cashback program works as follows: you trade as usual and close deals with selected instruments. At the end of each trading day, closed deals appear in your client dashboard (CD). All cashback-related changes can be tracked at Client Dashboard/Financial Operations/Cashback. The Cashback section displays all daily transactions, offers search by instrument and order number, as well as the choice of the display period for deals and their respective statuses.

How is the cashback credited to your trading account?

  • Cashback withdrawal to the trading account is available no earlier than 30 days after the order closure. Until this time, deals will be marked with a red indicator and the status "Unavailable for crediting to the trading account."
  • After 30 days, the deal indicator color will change to green, and its status to "Available for crediting to the trading account."
  • After changing the color and status of the deal, you can click the "Receive Cashback" button. At this point, all available cashback goes into the "Crediting to trading account in process" status, and the indicator color changes to brown.
  • Within five minutes, the funds are credited to your balance, and the indicator color changes to gray.

Cashback calculation example:

Suppose you made 10 deals with a total spread amount of $1,000. As part of the cashback program offering 5% or more back on commissions, you can get at least $50 credited to your trading account after 30 calendar days.

There are situations when cashback gets stuck somewhere between stages and doesn't reach the trading account. What should you do in this case? The main thing is – don't panic! Re-read the principles of the cashback service and double-check that everything has been done correctly. Once you are sure you've met all the conditions correctly from your side, contact our 24/7 support service.

The credited cashback can be withdrawn using available payment systems or used for further trading.

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