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How to receive the main prizes?

1. The winner can obtain one of the campaign main prizes only in one of the Company's representative offices in the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad, Moscow, and St. Petersburg). The prize can be delivered to any part of the world based on the Winner's decision.

2. Prize is passed to the Winner only after ID checking and the Acceptance Certificate signing where the following information is written: full name, date of birth, ID data and a phone number with a country and city code. In case the Winner does not provide this information, the Company reserves the right not to award the Winner.

3. In case the Winner of the Campaign is not able to receive a prize, a transfer agreement can be concluded with another person by power of attorney from the winner.

4. As soon as the prize is obtained, the participant of the campaign is responsible for tax payment and other compulsory payments set by the government.

5. Instead of the main prize of the campaign - one of the devices including iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Samsung Galaxy Tab - the winner may take the alternative prize: a $1,200 managed account. This trading account is subject to the special conditions:

- The winners should open and verify their live trading accounts within 30 days after the campaign results are published.

- The initial deposit in the amount of $1,200 is credited to the trading account only after the winner gets the second level of verification for this account.

- the initial deposit in the amount of $1,200 is not available for withdrawal, but any profit made over the bonus funds can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

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