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After winning the 2008 election, beating the republican John McCain, and being the first African-American president who extinguished any trace of racism left in the American soil, Barack Obama is once again on the poll. This time, the African-American president is up against the former governor of Massachusetts – Mitt Romney. The 65 year old… Read more

Understanding The Fundamentals –  Unemployment rate Unemployment rate is the percentage of the labor force who doesn’t have a job but are willing and actively seeking work. It is one of the macroeconomic indicators that most fundamental analyst are observing in case of a long term investment decision and is usually published at 8:30 EST… Read more

Take it or leave it The euro crisis’ conclusion is fast approaching and the situation is intensifying by the minute. As the crisis situation escalate, the famous multimillionaire investor George Soros adviced Germany to either lead over the common currency or just quit it. According to the veteran investor, Germany should now take the reins… Read more

The Giant’s Story So Far “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Laoze It was not so long ago since China was referred to as the “sleeping giant.” Its secluded existence and its rich culture which has been passed down to thousands of generations, known only to those within, has just… Read more

The world has watched as euro’s untold fate unfolds. Nations, prominent and influential individuals of the financial plane, optimistic and pessimistic investors, down up to even the commoners had been scrupulously observing the currency’s dire situation. The every tick is guarded by the watchful eyes of the financial guard dogs. Alerting everyone whenever something is… Read more