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Have you ever played Charade? Charade is a popular party game usually played during office occasions or even in family gatherings. Even though it doesn’t require critical thinking, you need to be able-enough to process the signals that your partner is acting out. The challenge of this game is to understand the message without even… Read more

Whenever mountaineers hike through unfamiliar treks, especially if the situation requires them to climb through dangerous mountain walls, there are tools that they use in order to ensure their safety. Harness are used to secure themselves from unintentional slips that would put them to mortal danger. In Forex, traders also has this kind of tools…. Read more

Traders guided by the technical analysis are familiar with classical patterns. Anyway it is also useful to learn about quite rare reversal pattern called “Diamond Pattern”. The pattern is formed between two spikes making it possible to get profit from the second one. The spike magnitude sometimes yields enough for buying a small diamond. Support… Read more

Here came the holy festival we all have longed for. May Eid al-Adha bless the people, bring salvation to the poor and the needy, and peace and prosperity to the mankind, and show us the Right Path! Welfare you deserved is the best welfare. A friend reminiscent of Allah is the best friend. May you… Read more

The annual marathon of beauty and grace which has inspired traders for the whole year came to its end. Six most beautiful participants of the Miss Insta Asia 2011 contest were selected by the Internet voting at the official cite of the contest. After a tough struggle for the beauty queen crown, the title of… Read more