06.10.202110:18 Forex Analysis & Reviews: 拜登对共和党:别在经济上玩俄罗斯轮盘赌了

Exchange Rates 06.10.2021 analysis


总统澄清说,他指的是美国的潜在违约,这可能会打击美国经济,并威胁到美元作为世界货币的地位。拜登10月4日在美国国会发表讲话时承认,美国存在违约的可能性。根据他的说法,这个问题的解决取决于国会共和党人的行动。乔•拜登(Joe Biden)称共和党在国会造成的障碍"如此鲁莽和危险",敦促他们"停止在美国经济上玩俄罗斯轮盘赌"。





Exchange Rates 06.10.2021 analysis

At the start of the week, the US currency slumped markedly, pulling back from the yearly high reached a week earlier. By now, the dollar is trying to recover its losses, firmly strengthening on the back of investors' risk aversion. The greenback managed to strengthen after two failed sessions as large hedge funds were overtaking asset. The reason for this was fears over further US Treasury bond yields, which increased the attractiveness of the USD for investors. The latest weekly positioning data showed hedge funds have increased their dollar holdings against their rivals to the highest levels in two years, despite rising bullish sentiment against the dollar. At the same time, USD long-term interest rates rose to the highest levels recorded since March 2020.

Investors now await US nonfarm payrolls data due on Friday, which is expected to show an addition of 460,000 jobs in September. This will be a reason for the Fed to continue reducing quantitative easing (QE) programmes until the end of 2021. However, experts believe that the central bank will change its plans due to disappointing labour market data.

Amid relatively positive sentiment in global markets, the US currency gained new momentum, rising to its highest level in 2021. In light of this, the major investment banks have revised their USD forecasts. Citigroup currency strategists expect the dollar to gain in value on the back of China's real estate problems, rising US yields, and a gradual global economic recovery.

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