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FAQ about StartUp for Partners

Why is it beneficial to me, a partner of InstaForex, that my referral gets the StartUp Bonus?

Here are the main advantages of the InstaForex StartUp Bonus for the company’s partner:

  • You may receive commission even if a client trades with bonus funds;
  • You can easily refer beginners because the StartUp Bonus is compatible with the ForexCopy system, enabling novices to follow and duplicate trades of the successful traders;
  • The bonus terms imply that a client should make a deposit at some point and continue trading. So, these clients will bring you real money.
Why should my referral apply for the StartUp Bonus?

The StartUp Bonus is a free initial capital which enables clients to try on the role of a trader from Wall Street and make their first $100 in profit. In fact, few traders can afford to invest even $500, whereas we offer our clients an opportunity to try their hand at trading without investing and withdraw profits in case of success. What about the clients who are unsure about their market intuition or simply don't want to get involved themselves? They can use bonus funds to copy orders in the ForexCopy system. Registering in this system and subscribing to a successful trader, clients can both make profits and adopt practices of real professionals, gain experience and confidence to start trading themselves. To sum up, our no deposit StartUp Bonus is a great chance to turn one’s hand to trading, learn how to work on financial markets and profit from it.

How can I persuade a client to get the StartUp Bonus from InstaForex?

The StartUp Bonus has a whole list of benefits which any client would enjoy

  • Clients can get the StartUp Bonus without verification (no identification documents are required);
  • After filling in the form on the landing page, the bonus is credited within a few minutes;
  • Clients can use the bonus funds to trade themselves or copy deals of successful traders in the ForexCopy system;
  • Beneficial trading conditions: leverage is up to 1:1000 and the stop out level is 10%.
Will I get a commission if my referral trades with bonus funds?

Surely you will. You get commissions when clients trade with both real and bonus funds. However, when clients trade with real funds, you can withdraw the commission right after it was credited. The commission from trading on bonus funds (its size is the same as for real funds) will only become available for withdrawal after your referral makes a deposit and continues trading. The main purpose of this bonus is to involve clients in active trading, so you have nothing to worry about – you will have no difficulty in withdrawing commissions. The necessary volume of traded lots for withdrawing profits is calculated individually for every client, so you need to contact the Partner Relations department for more detailed information.

What is the point of making a deposit if the company gives clients the no deposit bonus for free?

You might have assumed that the bonus offers many possibilities for getting cash quickly as the bonus funds can be used in the ForexCopy system. However, clients need to make a deposit in order to withdraw profits.

Where can I read the terms and conditions of the bonus?

The terms and conditions are described in the StartUp Bonus Agreement. To read it, click this link.

How can I explain to my referrals what will happen to the bonus and profits after they make a deposit?

As the name of the campaign suggests, the StartUp Bonus is meant for starting trading on Forex. That is why the company offers its clients to make a deposit and continue trading with their own funds after they gain profits with the bonus funds. After a client makes a deposit, the StartUp Bonus with the profit are cancelled. The profit is returned to the account as a bonus which can be withdrawn or used for trading if the terms of the Bonus Agreement are fulfilled.

My referral cannot get the bonus. Why?

If clients cannot get the bonus, they will surely be informed about the reason. The notification will be sent to the email address which was specified in the application form. Advise your referrals to check email. Besides, you can send a letter to [email protected], indicating the number of your referral’s account. You will get an answer on an individual basis.

Why my clients see/get different bonus amount?

The size of the bonus depends on the location of the client.

How can I learn what bonus amount my client will get?

Clients may check the bonus amount they will get right on the landing page.

Where can I see that my referral has received the bonus?

There should be information in the Partner Cabinet that you have referred a client who received the no deposit bonus. This client will return to your affiliate group automatically only after he/she deposits at least 10% of the bonus amount.

I received a letter with the phone number of my referral. Why?

When trading on a client’s account is suspended after a certain profit level is reached, you receive an email with the phone number of this client. It enables you to call your referral and explain why trading was suspended and what should be done in order to remove restrictions (make a deposit). At the same time, the client will also get an explanation by email. However, experience has proven that clients become more active after their partner contacts them.

Can my referrals get the bonus to a previously opened account which they did not use?

Yes, they can. In order to solve this, please advise them to contact the StartUp Bonus support team [email protected].

Will I get a notification of when my referral makes a deposit?

Surely you will be notified of it.

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