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Promotional materials

InstaForex offers its partners a wide range of marketing instruments which will help them to attract new clients: banners of all sizes and formats, layouts of ready-made booklets, various educational materials, special certificates and forex informers, brand products and avatars.

Among the proposed materials of InstaForex there are banners of all formats, layouts of ready-made leaflets, different educational information, special patents, forex informers, branded production and InstaForex avatars, issued by the main InstaForex branch.

Due to the system of banners placement on the partners` and other websites the number of the attracted referrals in your region is steadily increasing, thus enhancing your reward.
The teasers can be embedded into the websites of the partners who have demonstrated the proper loyal attitude to the company. Moreover, the teasers are also available for the partners who use special system of internal transfers with appliance of special account.
Club card
If you would like to receive a number of preferences, become InstaForex Club member. You will benefit from a system of special bonuses for every replenishment of your trading account available only to the club members.
Training course
InstaForex offers its business friends a distant educational course for the beginning traders as part of the campaign "Add $100 to your account and get a distant training course", including the lectures on the fundamental and technical analysis.
Educational video
InstaForex offers its partners a wide range of educational videos for placing on partner`s website, as well as distribution among the clients.
Forex informers
InstaForex offers a new service to the owners of websites - Forex informers for their websites. Informers are automatically updated graphic elements - the source of ongoing financial information which is embedded in a partner`s or a client`s website.
Branded production
InstaForex has developed a line of branded products especially for its clients and partners. Now every partner can present or distribute InstaForex branded goods as a pleasant souvenir to large-scale or regular customers.
InstaForex avatars
Thanks to the avatars by InstaForex you will be able to communicate in numerous FX forums or blogs being the official representative of our company, or the IB-partner. However, using Forex avatars by InstaForex is of a brand character and does not confirm the company`s official status.
Quotes distribution
This page contains the information on the procedure of getting online access to the Forex quotations from InstaForex devoted to the webmasters and owners of websites. All trading symbols available in InstaTrader terminal can be received.
InstaForex video
We present a new video about InstaForex, its history and achievements. This video is available for download and further demonstration on the TV screen as well as placement on your Internet site.
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