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Coupon Bonuses

We offer you to benefit from Coupon Bonuses, an unusual advantage of our Affiliate program.

Coupon Bonuses have two features:

InstaForex Coupon Bonus is an efficient marketing tool to encourage traders as well as acquire new customers.

Partners can create coupons valued $10 and $50 depending on the trading activity of their clients. In order to receive bonuses, traders should fill in the special form entering their account numbers, passwords, and coupon codes.

Partners can create the following number of coupons:

FAQ about Coupon Bonuses
How to participate in the bonus program?

You can automatically become a participant of the bonus program, if you do the following:

  • register with one of the affiliate programs to become a partner of InstaForex;
  • invite not less than 5 clients via your affiliate link, clients’ accounts must be positive;
  • go through the two-level verification in the Client Area.
How are the coupons created?

The coupons are created by a partner in the Partner Area according to the following principle:

  • 3 coupons valued $10 each for every 200 lots traded by a referral;
  • 3 coupons valued $50 each for every 2,000 lots traded by a referral.
Where can I find information about my coupon bonus?

You can find information about your bonus account in the Partner Area:

How can I use my coupon bonus?

You can use your coupon bonus as you like:

  • credit it to your account;
  • give to your client;
  • give to a person that has not registered with InstaForex yet.
How can I activate the coupon bonus?

You can activate your coupon bonus following the link:

Where can I check the list of clients I have attracted?

In the coupon bonus section, there is a special page with the list of the referrals:

Can I see the activated coupons?

In the bonus program section, you can find a page with the information about activated coupons:

Can I gift anyone with a coupon?

Yes, you can. In the bonus coupon section of the Partner Area, you can print the coupon out in a beautiful template on My Coupons page.

What does the Assigned option mean?

This option is used to assign bonus coupons to a particular partner’s client. After the assignment, only clients and partners can activate coupons.

How many times can I receive a coupon bonus?

A coupon bonus can be credited to a client’s account only once.

Can I invest a coupon bonus in the PAMM system?

No, it is impossible. A coupon bonus can be used only when subscribing to ForexCopy traders.

Do I need to verify my account to receive the bonus?

The coupon bonus can be credited only to the account with the second verification level.

Why not all lots closed by clients are available for creating coupons?

If the amount of lots closed by one client exceeds 30% of the overall amount of lots of all attracted clients, the sum of lots of a particular client will be cut by 30%.

Do partners receive the affiliate commission for the deals performed by their clients with help of the coupon bonus?

The affiliate commission is paid from the accounts with the coupon bonus only if they have been replenished with an amount either equaling or exceeding the amount of the coupon bonus.

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