The Company reserves the right to cancel bonus without prior warning, so we strongly recommend not to use bonus funds in calculation of profit in your trading strategy. The Company is not responsible for any consequences of bonus’s cancellation, including Stop Out, because bonus is the ownership of the Company until trader works it out by opening deals of total volume specified in the point 8 of the present Offer Agreement.

This point was applied according to the Offer Agreement which you accepted. We want you to pay attention to the fact that if you do not agree, just close the window and do proceed.

The Bonus system was created as incentive for active clients, it is not supposed to be used as the basis of trading or the only condition of account to be “alive”. This is meant in the point 8.

At present, only 2% of accounts, which got bonuses, face problem of bonus’s cancellation. It is connected with the company’s policy which is directed on preventing traders from unfair usage of bonus funds. The fact of bonus’s cancellation does NOT mean your account broke some rules, however automatic detection system discovered some multi-valued features and cancelled bonus.

We apologize if this circumstance causes troubles for you but we can only state that we are not able to change the algorithm of detection system functioning or influence the result of it. Nevertheless, you may send a request on revision of the system’s operation result to the Bonus Charging Department. There are no guarantees of the positive answer, because Bonus Charging Department is not able to influence the system’s functioning, however, you may claim the system’s error and Bonus Charging Department will check the system on detection of errors at the moment of bonus’s cancellation.

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