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Do you have mini/micro/cent accounts?

InstaForex offers clients an opportunity to trade on the Forex market using three types of accounts at once: Micro Forex, Mini Forex, Standard Forex. In order to make such a technology possible a nonstandard 10,000 lot was established, which at the deal by 0.01 lot gives the point price of $0.01, i.e. the absolute minimum, which allows the accounts' owners of about 5,000 – 10,000 to control their risks effectively. At the same time, the lot size of 10,000 makes the calculations of point cost convenient at deals opening.

Let’s have a look at data below:

0.01 InstaForex lot deal = $0.01 pip price

0.1 InstaForex lot deal = $0.1 pip price

1 InstaForex lot deal = $1 pip price

10 InstaForex lot deal = $10 pip price

100 InstaForex lot deal = $100 pip price

1,000 InstaForex lot deal = $1,000 pip price

Additionally InstaForex gives the opportunity to trade using Cent Accounts.

Main information about account types is submitted in the section "For traders" - "Trading conditions" - "Account types".

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