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إنستافوركس - دائما في الطليعة!افتح حساب تداول وكن جزءا من فريق لوبرايس إنستافوركس!

تاريخ النجاح للفريق برئاسة أليس لوبرايس يمكن أن يصبح تاريخ نجاحك! تداول بثقة وتوجه نحو القيادة مثل مشارك منتظم في رالي داكار والفائز في رالي سيلك واي فريق لوبرايس إنستافوركس يفعل ذلك!

انضم إليه واربح مع إنستافوركس!

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The international online forex broker InstaForex Company is well known to a wide circle of traders around the world, and based on important criteria it is among the definite leaders in its market. Having entered the market in 2007, the broker has already managed to gain acknowledgement of its work from numerous reliable publications. For example, from 2009 to 2011, British magazine World Finance named InstaForex Company its “Best Broker Asia”. CNBC Business, another British magazine, said the company was the most dynamically developing broker in Europe. And the international forex exhibition ShowFx World twice recognized InstaForex as being the best broker on show – once at Kuala Lumpur and again at its Singapore event.

So what makes InstaForex so successful that it has been singled out from other brokers? Primarily, it is its fundamental approach to business organisation. From the very beginning, significant funds were invested in the company allowing it to take up solid positions in the market and offer the most favourable trading conditions worldwide. In such a dense forex market segment as brokerage, it is very important to maintain vitality and provide new and fresh services to clients. A company’s immobile position can either cause an overall business stagnation or, indeed, result in its departure from the market altogether. InstaForex Company, with its good financial basis and considerable personnel resources, is a highly creative organisation. With innovative technologies both at the heart of the company as well as reaching out into to all of its activities, InstaForex Company has stayed ahead of its opponents and, also, has managed to achieve continuous and effective development.

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In InstaForex Company the innovative elements are integrated into a structure. Therefore, a synthesis of innovations and daily operating engages all departments of the company. And it’s vertical: from managers of international business to the top-management of a parent company.

InstaForex has a large IT-department currently consisting of 50 specialists. Each of these 50 professionals has a required qualification in the area of informative technologies, web-programming, design, imposition, search engine optimization (SEO) and so on. All of these IT employees use their skills in order to upgrade InstaForex’s own work.

Moreover, the IT-department runs a special programme, InstaTechLab, which has been in operation for over a year, under which the company’s employees are given extra time and financing for IT-developments. Some of these company-grown projects have been initiated. Examples include the unique service of account management in InstaForex, PAMM-accounts, ForexCopy system is an innovative service enabling following successful Forex traders and copying their trades online on a set ratio, Binary Intraday Options service and a system of information security that guarantees the highest protection of clients’ and the company’s funds, InstaFXGuard.

The pioneering work in InstaForex is not limited to the IT-department, however. For instance, the marketing department is successfully carrying out a project entitled InstaTV. As well as that, the department has also set up many notable contests and campaigns for traders, which stand out due to their quality and size of the prize fund. Currently, every InstaForex client can partake in 12 contests with a total prize fund amounting to $700,000. The management system of the company’s general working process is also worthy of attention. In order to optimize working processes and achieve a real-time control of tasks, a software programme was ordered in, which is intended to facilitate the optimum administration of a project and performance of a team regardless of their activity.

As for the human resources, right from the start the company followed the policy of attracting dynamic specialists, who have new ideas and palpable enthusiasm. It also goes without saying that all of InstaForex’s employees have the necessary qualifications and experience required to be part of an international company. Meanwhile, members of the InstaForex team can continue their professional growth by studying new specialty aspects along with their work in the company. InstaForex’s top managers Endeavour to facilitate those who are intent on pursuing professional development in every possible way. For every member of the team many activities have been initiated – including catering, fitness, holiday trips, corporative events and so on – which ensure happy and content workers. Apart from all of the above, a geographical expansion (at the moment there are over 160 international business offices belonging to InstaForex in 50 countries around the world) and close work with partners (the partners department has 25 specialists, who are often required to take business trips) help make up this portrait of a modern, flexible and reliable forex broker.

Shares Magazine, March 2012

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