On this page we post Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about ZuluTrade service. It is regularly updated to give you answers to the common questions sent to the Support Service of InstaForex.

What is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade is an online platform for forex traders developed to automatically copy deals from InstaForex broker.
Thanks to ZuluTrade and InstaForex, you will not have to keep close tabs on the marker as hundreds of renowned experts from all over the world will do it for you. All you need to do is choose the traders you want and ZuluTrade together with InstaForex will copy real trades on your InstaForex trading account.

How do I register with ZuluTrade?

You need to open a new trading account on the service's webpage and attach an existing InstaForex account.

What do I do if I already have an InstaForex account?

You need to activate it on the service's webpage.

What account types can be used for ZuluTrade?

  • Account must be live or demo
  • Account currency must be USD
  • Account must have no bonuses
  • Account must be 4 or 5-digit
  • Account must not be Swap-free or Eurica

Why don't I get an email with my ZuluTrade account details?

ZuluTrade account details (login and password) will be emailed you provided that you replenish your InstaForex account. Note that ZuluTrade login and password differ from those of InstaForex.

Is ZuluTrade a free service?

InstaForex customers can use the system of automated trading ZuluTrade for free.

Can I use a demo account in ZuluTrade?

Yes, you can use both live and demo accounts in ZuluTrade.

What funds are paid to a trader as commission for copying deals in ZuluTrade?

Funds from spread are paid to a trader.

Can I use ZuluTrade having a bonus on my account?

No, you must have no bonuses on your account to be able to use ZuluTrade.

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