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Trading signals for Nasdaq-100 (#NDX) on February 10-11, 2022: sell below 15,000 (4/8)

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The Nasdaq-100 Tech Index (#NDX) is trading below the 200 EMA and right at the psychological level of 15,000 points.

Nasdaq-100 accumulates a strong upward trend nine days straight. A downward correction is likely in the coming days because it is showing signs of exhaustion.

EMA 200 (15,145) is likely to be a strong resistance for the Nasdaq-100. If the bullish force continues and tests this resistance there could be a technical rejection.

The eagle indicator is showing overbought levels and a technical correction is likely in the next few hours due to the moving average touching the mark of 95-point.

Early in the American session, US inflation data is due to be released and there is likely to be strong volatility across all Wall Street indices.

The main trend is downward according to the daily chart. However, the ongoing upward move has a barrier at the strong resistance of 15,145 (200 EMA). As long as it remains below this level, we can expect the resumption of the dominant trend.

A trade through 15,200 will change the main trend to the upside and we could expect a strong move higher towards the level 15,625 (5/8).

On the other hand, a sharp break below the 21 SMA located at 14,740 and a break of the trend channel could cause an acceleration to the downside towards the support 3/8 Murray at 14,375 (3/8) and up to 13,750 (2/8).

Support and Resistance Levels for February 10 - 11, 2022

Resistance (3) 15,499

Resistance (2) 15,287

Resistance (1) 15,176


Support (1) 14,852

Support (2) 14,640

Support (3) 14,528



Timeframe H4

Recommendation: sell below o if pullback

Entry Point 15,000; 15,145

Take Profit 14,800; 14,740

Stop Loss 15,080; 15,225

Murray Levels 13,750 (2/8), 14,375,(3/8), 15,000 (4/8), 15,625 (5/8)


Dimitrios Zappas,
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