18.07.2022 02:20 PM
Trading plan for EURUSD on July 18, 2022

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Technical outlook:

EURUSD dropped to the 0.0952 multi-year swing lows last week before finding support. The single currency pair has rallied over 225 pips in the past two trading sessions hitting 1.1075 on Monday. It is now trading close to 1.0155 and is expected to target the 1.0616 initial resistance on the daily chart in the near term.

EURUSD has remained in control of bears since January 2021 after peaking at the 1.2350 mark. The drop between 1.2350 and 0.0952 seems to be complete and a major cycle terminated. If the suggested wave structure holds well, bulls will be poised to remain in control from here and prices would stay above the 0.0952 interim support.

Furthermore, EURO bulls might have carved a lower degree upswing between 0.0952 and 1.0175 already. Intraday dips remain possible from here but they are likely to be tapped ahead of the 0.0953 interim support. Also, note that the immediate price resistance on the hourly chart is at 1.0186. A break higher would be considered encouraging to bulls.

Going forward:

EURUSD's recent swing lows registered at around 0.0952 is accompanied by a bullish divergence on the daily RSI. The same is reflected in the weekly RSI as well, which is not seen here. Also, note that a potential Morning Star candlestick pattern was complete at around Friday's close at 1.0097. Considering all the above facts, the high probability remains for a strong bullish reversal against 0.0952.

Trading plan:

Potential rally through 1.0615 against 0.0952

Good luck!

Oscar Ton,
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