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Choosing a trading terminal for a trader is one of the most crucial steps towards successful trading. It's a kind of workspace, and its convenience determines the efficiency and profitability of the process for the person working on it. The trading platform should be visually simple and comfortable to use.

The choice of a trading terminal is especially important for novice investors. Their software should be simple, the interface should be user-friendly, and its functions and criteria should help beginner traders take their first confident steps in the world of real online trading in financial markets. It's important to understand that every click on the trading platform can lead to either a successful deal or a failed transaction.

Another essential factor is performance. The chosen trading terminal should provide equally fast and timely results on both old, low-power PCs and modern tablets and smartphones. It's worth noting that today traders can make dozens or even hundreds of deals a day, all against the backdrop of high market volatility.

One should not forget about the massive market movements during the release of important economic news. On such days, the amount of market data that the server sends to the trading platform in a short period increases tenfold.

If at this moment a trader uses an insufficiently optimized terminal, or their platform operates on a weak device, the computer or smartphone may simply stop responding to commands and clicks or freeze altogether. As a result, the investor risks losing a significant amount of money.

From all of the above, it follows that a modern trading platform should have a user-friendly and intuitive interface, be highly efficient, and provide users with ample room for market maneuvers.

Such a long list of requirements should be met by a genuinely suitable online trading terminal. Fortunately, finding one is not difficult. And not just one! Today, traders can choose between many contenders for the title of the perfect trading platform. However, most often, users narrow these variations down to the most popular option - the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The MetaTrader 4 terminal quickly became a kind of gold industry standard among trading platforms. The secret of its success is its universality: this software allows analyzing the behavior of financial instruments, studying currency pair quotes, and copying the trades of successful traders 24/7.

For ease of perception, let's present the terminal's capabilities in numbers.

So, MetaTrader 4 is:

– 3 execution modes

– 2 market, 4 pending, and 2 stop orders

– 24 graphical objects

– 9 timeframes

– 30 built-in technical indicators

– 1 click to place a trading order directly from the chart

The terminal's extensive analytical capabilities, combined with the built-in tick chart, allow for precise market movements and determine entry/exit points. All this helps the trader not to miss the opportunity for a successful deal and implement the most profitable trading strategies.

Another essential feature of the MT4 platform is security assurance. The data exchange process between the terminal user and the trading platform servers is securely encrypted, and the clients' trading accounts are thoroughly protected.

Despite the many complex functions of the MetaTrader 4 terminal, it's relatively easy to work on it. It will take a trader just a couple of minutes to understand its structure.

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