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Elon Musk may sell all his property for sake of Mars colonization

Elon Musk may sell all his property for sake of Mars colonization

Elon Musk's space odyssey is becoming more and more real every day. In a recent interview, the entrepreneur announced his decision to sell off all available property for the sake of colonizing Mars.

Musk believes that a complete sell-off of his property will show his determination to move to the Red Planet. In addition, building a fully autonomous city on another planet is quite expensive and requires a huge investment. All funds from the sale of the property will be used for the development of the Mars settlement project. "I will have virtually nothing of value left from a financial point of view, other than stocks in companies. When the situation is tense at work, I’d rather sleep right in the factory or in the office. And, obviously, some kind of housing is needed if there are children. But I can just shoot it or something else, " Musk told Business Insider.

At the same time, Musk noted that he would keep his stake in the company. Earlier, Musk's capital exceeded $185 billion on the back of the growth in Tesla's share price. Therefore, he became the richest man, surpassing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, for a while. A bit later Jeff Bezos regained first place.


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