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British financial advisor urges UK government to ban crypto

British financial advisor urges UK government to ban crypto

Some UK citizens cannot stay indifferent to what is happening in the crypto market. They think that its shocking volatility and enormous popularity can be a threat to the country’s economy. The most committed of them have even launched a petition requiring local financial authorities to ban cryptocurrency transactions. Financial advisor Neil Liversidge, the managing director of financial consulting firm West Riding Personal Financial Solutions, was the one who started  the petition. It has already collected more than 100 signatures, and there is more to come, Liversidge says. "Cryptos are a con in the truest sense of the term," the financial expert claims. He hopes that his initiative will attract the attention of the UK government. The advisor is sure that if the UK authorities follow his advice and ban crypto transactions, this "will set off a chain reaction, crashing cryptos overnight.” 


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