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COVID-19 deaths exceed human losses in three wars

COVID-19 deaths exceed human losses in three wars

According to the data provided by The New York Times, in the US, the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 reached 500 thousand. Experts have estimated that the figure exceeds human losses in three wars, including World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War.

At the same time, a report prepared by Johns Hopkins University showed that the coronavirus killed 498.8 thousand people. The US Department of Veterans Affairs emphasizes that World War I took 53.4 thousand lives, whereas in the Second World War, the number of persons killed totaled 291.5 thousand. In the Vietnam War, 47.4 thousand people died.

Earlier, the US reported on the largest number of new virus cases and deaths from COVID-19. The most significant daily increase was recorded on January 2, 2021. That day, the number of confirmed cases totaled 300 thousand. On February 19, the indicator declined to 106.3 thousand.

Brazil (246.5 thousand) and Mexico (179.9 thousand) are among the three countries with the biggest number of deaths caused by the coronavirus infection. In Russia, the pandemic took 83.2 thousand lives. The data from the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia unveiled that from April to December 2020, the coronavirus outbreak led to 162.2 thousand deaths. The report takes into account the cases when COVID-19 affected the underlying disease and caused complications leading to death. According to statistics, Russia is the fourth country with the highest death toll.


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