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Apple shareholders vote to reelect board of directors

Apple shareholders vote to reelect board of directors

The annual meeting of Apple’s shareholders went as expected without any surprises. Although the reelection of the company’s board of directors was high on the agenda, no drastic changes were made. Tim Cook is still the CEO of the company. Moreover, all other key members of the board still hold their posts which means that shareholders trust the existing management team. Apart from Tim Cook, Apple’s Board of Directors includes former CFO and Corporate President of the Boeing Company James A. Bell, former Vice President of the United States Albert A. Gore Jr., President and CEO of Grameen America Andrea Jung, President and CEO of College Futures Foundation Monica Lozano, former Chairman and CEO at Northrop Grumman Corporation Ronald D. Sugar, and co-founder and Director at BlackRock Susan L. Wagner. Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson retained the post of the Chairman of the Board. “Apple shareholders voted to reelect the company’s board of directors and approve 2020 pay for executives, including CEO Tim Cook,” the company said in a statement. The only point at issue was the proposal “to reduce executive pay compared with median Apple employee pay.” The shareholders considered this unnecessary and voted against the proposal. 


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