Ether could overtake bitcoin, survey finds

Ether could overtake bitcoin, survey finds

Ether has every chance of overtaking bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency. According to a CoinShares survey, 42% of investors believe that ether has the most compelling growth outlook, while only 18% of them are bullish about BTC.

Today, both cryptocurrencies are very popular among market participants. The report shows that 30% of survey participants invest in ether. The same percentage of investors prefer bitcoin. By the way, the second and third most popular crypto assets are Cardano and Polkadot.

Another key finding of the survey is that 35% of respondents see their investments in ether as predominantly speculative. Meanwhile, 23% use digital assets as a diversification tool. Besides, the survey found that the main reason why market participants refrain from investing in crypto is state legislation regarding virtual currencies. Thus, politics, government bans, and regulation make up 58% of the perceived key risks for digital assets.

Currently, ether is trading at around $3,668. Over the past year, the second-largest cryptocurrency has gained in value by more than 900%, while its capitalization has reached $421 billion.

As for bitcoin, its current price is $55,502, with a market capitalization of $1 trillion. On October 6, the most popular digital asset surpassed the level of $55,000. As a result, analysts became more optimistic about its further dynamics. Thus, an expert at TradingView predicted that BTC could rise to $100,000.


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