Free Forex webinars by InstaForex - your high school of trading at home!

Attending webinars is an excellent opportunity to become forex savvy or learn more about the currency market. Our company provides you with such a chance. In addition to the fact that it can be done without leaving home, webinars give the following advantages:

Speakers are traders with many years of Forex experience who choose topics very thoroughly. Don’t be afraid if the topic looks too complicated. Our speakers will explain everything and help you understand the subject during the webinar.

To facilitate the learning process, our lessons include visual materials (slide shows, tables, charts, illustrations, etc.) as well as the Q&A format that allows traders to consolidate their knowledge.

Registering for a free forex webinar is easy. You just need to:

1. Choose a webinar which you are interested in

2. Click Register.

3. Fill in the application form entering your account number and email.


The quality of online webinars is just as good as that of traditional lectures at any school of trading with just one minor difference: the online format is more convenient.

Advantages of InstaForex webinars:

Learn more and make profit!

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