रैफल्स फॉरेक्स: इंस्टाफॉरेक्ष् से कारों की मॉडल रेंज

InstaForex Company raffles off premium class auto or sport coupe annually. One of our slogans - the best for traders! That is why we pick up the most up-to-date vehicles which implicate integrity, safety and comfort - just as we render trading instruments and options.

Do you want to have a high-class car of a prestige brand in your garage? Join InstaForex contests! In order to struggle for prize it is necessary to register for the campaign you like and fulfill its simple terms. Each campaign winner is determined in a random way through the number formed by the last digits of five currency pairs quotes on the closing date at 23:59 (UTC+3). If your trading account number matches the winning one or comes maximally close to it - you will ride an elite car from InstaForex.

InstaForex Model Range

Ferrari F8 Tributo - Win Ferrari from InstaForex!

Ferrari F8 Tributo – a two-seater sports car with the most powerful Italian-made engine. It combines innovations and expertise gained thanks to the participation in GT and Challenge championships. This is a production model of Ferrari, which has acquired the basic features of professional racing cars.

Lamborghini Huracan - Win Lamborghini from InstaForex

Lamborghini Huracan Coupe has been created for unprecedented performance. All the power and acceleration of a naturally aspirated V-10 engine, without giving up control or fun of driving. This is all thanks to the all-wheel drive system and the 7-speed Lamborghini Doppia Frizione dual-clutch transmission, as well as the innovative Piattaforma Inerziale Lamborghini, created for accurate detection of all the chassis movements and for immediate adjustment of the car setup. It can be yours!

BMW X6 sport coupe - Win BMW X6 from InstaForex

New crossover BMW X6 truly shows a new approach to the creation of BMW cars. BMW X6 is SUV, coupe and sport car in one. Dynamic Performance Control system is responsible for the stability and excellent handling of the car and intelligent xDrive system is responsible for the all-wheel drive. Hurry up to participate in the fight for the BMW X6!

Jaguar F-Type sport car - Don't dream it, win it! Jaguar F-Type from InstaForex

Jaguar F-Type was raffled in 2016. Powerful, agile and distinctive, F-Type is a true Jaguar sports car, engineered for high performance and instantaneously responsive handling – the latest in a distinguished bloodline. Participate in the contest, dive into the world of high speed with Jaguar F-Type!

Porsche Cayman sport coupe - Sport Style: Porsche Cayman from InstaForex

A legendary Porsche Cayman was raffled in 2015. Porsche Cayman is a child of innovative technologies in automobile production. A two-seat coupe has a unique equipage and demonstrates outstanding speed and dynamics results. Porsche Cayman is a fusion of image and usability.

Lotus Evora sport car - Sports Lotus is Your Trade Bonus campaign

More prestige, more comfort, improved interior and technical features - all that is Lotus Evora. Sport car by a famous British automaker was raffled in summer of 2014. The winner of the campaign is Vybornov Aleksey from Moscow, Russia.

Porsche Cayenne crossover - Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign

Porsche Cayenne is a premium class comfort from the German Porsche concern. Porsche Cayenne is a bestseller in the auto world. Sporty exterior, luxuriant interior trim, road stability and cross-country capacity makes it really top tier.
A glorious Porsche Cayenne was raffled off in September 2013. The winner of the campaign is Evgeniy Trots from Norilsk, Russia.

Lotus Evora sport coupe - the Fast Ride from the Best Broker campaign

A high-powered Lotus Evora is able to take run up to 100 km/h. Its external design combines dynamics and elegance, and the cabin is reasonable in internal structure. This car is excellent on a race track and on a high road as well. On a summer's eve 2012 a new sports coupe Lotus Evora was presented to the citizen of Podolsk, Moscow oblast, Yuriy Lukinov.

Lotus Elise roadster - Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign

Lotus Elise is a luxurious sport car, fascinatingly graceful and concordant. Maximum of pleasure, minimum of spangle - here is the slogan for this laconic and stylish sport car. Classical design of Lotus Elise, its comfy compartment, impetus and high ease of steering inspires every car loving soul. The winner of Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign in 2011 was Nazri Bin Zainuri from Malaysia. He has become the second lucky person who made certain that a car from InstaForex is a reality.

Hummer H3 off-roadster - Hummer to a Jammy Fellow campaign

Hummer H3 is a real off-the-road tamer. Such a mighty auto will pass through anything, and there are no rough spots which may hinder. The road landscape and winter conditions are not to matter a bit - with this car the driver feels himself confident in any conditions. This impressive vehicle with cross-country capacity is destined for real men! In September 2010 Hummer H3 was presented to a Russian citizen Ruslan Makhauri. A solemn ceremony took place at ShowFx World Exhibition in Moscow.

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