Forex trading is no longer currency rate speculation. The essence of investment in Forex market has become closer to the conventional idea of investment and even moved beyond its borders.

Today anyone having a computer connected to the Internet can either trade on Forex and be responsible for the result or employ experienced and successful traders through the PAMM and ForexCopy systems.

Despite both systems are related to money management and Forex market, the trader's role and the very philosophy of trading differ.

What does Instaforex offer?

Being registered with the PAMM system, an investor transfers money to the account of a chosen trader and, depending on the efficiency of a trader's strategy, receives profit exclusive of the commission.

After registering with the ForexCopy system, an investor enjoys the opportunity to open the same trades as a chosen trader does. It means that an investor trades on his own yet following the model of a successful trader. The system allows both making profit and learning the principles of trading.

However, an investor registered with the ForexCopy system needs to spend more time working than the one using the PAMM system.

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If you decided to abandon classic trading in favor of modern technologies, choose the broker that not only has these unique systems but also guarantees their proper functioning.

In addition, make sure the broker you have chosen has an extensive client base to give you a wide choice of traders to invest in or to follow. The PAMM system has been very popular for a couple of years already; you can find it among the services of at least 10 large Forex brokers.

As for the ForexCopy system, it was introduced by InstaForex international broker in 2012. At present, it is the only company providing full-featured version of the system.

The first among the many By the way, InstaForex Company was one of the first brokers that offered the PAMM system, which is still outstanding, compared to other brokers.

Modern traders do not need to spend days and nights in front of the screen. They live their lives and know that their money works while they are busy doing other important things.

Honk Kong Business Magazine, November 2012

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