10.11.2022 09:10 AM
Hot forecast for EUR/USD on 10/11/2022

The first thing you should pay attention to is that since the beginning of the week, the dollar has fallen sharply in price, and the rebound was asking for it. Moreover, it was only the political factor that put pressure on it, in the form of uncertainty about the results of the midterm elections. So as soon as it became clear that the Democrats were apparently gaining control of the Senate, the US currency immediately began to actively rise in price. Although the counting of votes is still ongoing, and less than half of the ballots have been counted at some polling stations. Nevertheless, so far everything is going to the fact that the Democrats take the Senate, while the Republicans take the House of Representatives. The main driver of the dollar's weakening was the assumption that the Republican Party would win a crushing victory and gain control of both chambers of Congress.

There is a high probability that the dollar will be able to further strengthen its position today. The reason for this may be the US inflation report. And although the growth rate of consumer prices is likely to slow down from 8.2% to 8.1%, this still means that the Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates. Firstly, inflation remains at an extremely high level. Secondly, on a monthly basis, consumer prices should increase by 0.5%, whereas a month earlier they increased by 0.4%. In other words, prices continue not only to grow, but there are signs of even a possible acceleration of this process. Consequently, the US central bank will continue to pursue an extremely tight monetary policy.

Inflation (United States):

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The EURUSD currency pair bounced precisely from the area of the local high in October. As a result, there was a pullback in the direction of the parity level.

During the price rebound, the RSI H4 indicator came out of the overbought zone. This is a fairly good technical signal about the regrouping of trading forces. It is worth noting that the indicator has not gone below the average line of 50, which indicates the bullish mood in the market.

The moving MA lines on Alligator H4 and D1 are directed upwards, which corresponds to an ascending cycle.

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Expectations and prospects

In this situation, the parity level serves as a support in the market. Thus, it is possible to strengthen long positions. We expect the euro to rise only if the price stays above October's local high in a four-hour period.

As for the downward scenario, in order to consider it, the quote must first stay below the 0.9950 mark. This price move may restart short positions.

Comprehensive indicator analysis in the short-term and intraday periods has a sell signal due to the recent price rebound. In the medium term, the signal from the indicator is focused on an upward corrective move from the low of the trend.

Euro vs US Dollar
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