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Trading under pressure: Nike shares are rising

Analysts anticipate that the World Cup, held this year in Qatar, will result in increased revenue for Nike and Adidas.

Trading under pressure: Nike shares are rising

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On November 9, representatives of Adidas stated that they anticipated World Cup-related sales of about 400 million euros ($415 million), or about 2% of additional annual revenue.

This scenario is likely because FIFA draws at least 5 billion viewers yearly. The biggest football event in the world is a significant opportunity for sportswear companies to sell their t-shirts, boots, and other merchandise alongside teams and individual players. Even though Adidas and Nike only sell a small portion of their football-related products, the excitement surrounding the World Cup and team t-shirts can have a ripple effect that boosts sales of unrelated products.

Of course, expectations from manufacturers sometimes pan out.

For instance, in 2018, during the month-long FIFA World Cup, shares of Adidas fell by 6%. The fact that France, the Nike team, won the FIFA tournament and the German Adidas team, which has a significant advantage, was eliminated early is likely due to this. These people were not forgotten: Nike increased 4% over the same period, outpacing the S&P 500's growth by 1%.

Brazil, France, and the United States are just a few of the 13 teams wearing Nike jerseys this year as they compete for the Cup. Only seven teams are sporting Adidas T-shirts, so the company has overtaken its rival in that category. Six more nations wear Puma T-shirts, while items from New Balance and other brands represent other nations.

Top managers don't look away from the scoreboard with the results, while football fans watch the ball fly on the field.

In the first four days of the World Cup, teams wearing Nike gear scored 15 points, while teams wearing Adidas gear scored 11 points.

The quotes were not slowed down enough to be affected. Nike shares increased by more than 1% during the competition, while Adidas and Puma shares decreased by more than 3%. Nike teams from Brazil and France, most likely to win the 2022 Cup, are currently favored in bookmakers' wagers.

Adidas will be included, though. Regardless of the brand, interest in sports games typically results in higher industry sales. And while Puma and Adidas are currently grazing the rear of the pack, their sales at the end of the month will still show a healthy surplus compared to November of last year, which bodes well for the upcoming quarterly report and stock growth.

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