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Time for great achievements

Time for great achievements

It is not the first year that financial market faces significant challenges: instability, low demand for instruments, and low volatility move from one market segment to another. Corporations cannot guarantee investors stable growth, sovereign bonds and other securities are too long to kindle private investors' interest while commodity market is too conservative to be attractive during the period when currency instruments are demonstrating profitable for short-term investments oscillations. In fact, instruments demonstrating such fluctuations imply well-liked currency and Forex market which is favored by traders-investors. This market became a real shelter for active private investors especially when investments are regarded as lottery rather than management.

Forex 2012 is a little bit more than Forex 2011 but less than Forex 2010, the year of world financial crisis. Yet in 2010 Forex was alpha and omega of private investments. However, no significant recovery was seen and those investors who changed their markets (where the level of risk was too high) to Forex, do not hurry to come back to their previous positions. Forex is still of much investors' interest. Only here one can reap the fruits of all negative and positive processes happening on global financial market. After all, Forex is just currency but profit is movement. Many can say that movement can be unprofitable. But risk and investment are inseparable. The main thing for trader is to know that he should and must use any market movement for his own benefit. We have clarified Forex advantages for now.

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As for the very first steps made on market, they are all executed by Forex broker. And here we have a lot to think about. With the help of any search engine available, you will find thousands of brokers which promise comfortable trading conditions, low spreads and quick deal's execution. However, not all of them can boast of such terms. The current situation on Forex brokers' market can be compared to the most popular market of mobile phones (smart phones) where there is a certain amount of producers but, properly, 90% of the market is occupied by a limited list of companies which are able to provide a customer (consumer) with the most comfortable and convenient goods (services) rather than the others that share just 10%. Of course, there are more than 3 or 4 Forex brokers but less than 100. There are companies that have established reputation as the leaders having accumulated muscle bulk (client database, branch network, team of professionals, aggressive marketing approach etc). Those can offer something that worth clients' attention: something that is comfortable, efficient, safe, and of low risk, in other words, the most important things that Forex broker can give to its clients. In the business of investments you cannot trust unfamiliar, small, and unverified companies. Everyone knows the proverb "from rags to riches" which can be easily applied to trader rather than broker. That is why it is better to choose the broker who is already a big fish on the market and knows how to help you to reach the top of success.

At the moment, there is a wide range of large broker companies in Asian region but there is one that stands out the most due to its leadership for over 3 years. It is InstaForex international broker which belongs to a large financial group. Such title is rightfully gifted to the company. The British magazine World Finance Media has awarded InstaForex Company the Best Broker in Asia at the prestigious World Finance Awards for the third year in a row. In 2011 InstaForex Company was awarded The Best Retail Broker title at the prestigious international European CEO Awards. Apart from 15 prizes and awards, InstaForex broker is famous for its innovative services such as the best PAMM system on the market, free VPS hosting, Option trading and many other. Now more than half a million of traders are InstaForex clients and most of them represent the Asian region. If private investor found Forex market interesting, he should look closely at InstaForex Company. The company is demonstrating stable results and can be found among top leaders. Moreover, it entered so-called innovative pool of brokers which is able to provide the market with the pioneering technologies. But first and foremost, the main company's aim is guarantee of comfortable conditions for the clients.

It is extremely important to competently enter Forex market which mostly depends on the choice of the broker. This crucial choice can predetermine the length of your trading career as well as its success.

Singapore Business Magazine, November 2012