16.03.2023 03:50 PM
Trading Signal for USD/JPY for March 16 - 17, 2023: buy if rebound around 132.00 (5/8 Murray - strong support)

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The 1-hour chart shows that USD/JPY has found strong support that is located around 132.00 – 131.80.

Currently, the instrument is trading below the 5/8 Murray (132.81) and below 21 SMA (132.93). If it fails to consolidate above 132.00, we could expect a continuation of the downtrend and the price could reach 131.50 and down to 4/8 Murray 131.25.

On the other hand, in case USD/JPY trades above 132.93 and if it surpasses the 21 SMA, we could expect a continuation of the upward movement and the instrument could reach 6/8 Murray at 134.37

The outlook is bearish as the pair is showing oversold signs, although the overall picture offers mixed signals. If the bullish move extends above 134.72 (200 EMA), the currency pair could gain further momentum and could reach 137.50 (8/8 Murray). Conversely, a drop below 131.75 could push the price to the weekly low of 131.25.

If the USD/JPY pair consolidates above 132.00 in the next few hours, it could continue with an upward move and could reach 134.37 (6/8 Murray). The eagle indicator is in the oversold zone. So, while the pair is trading above 132.00, any correction will be seen as an opportunity to buy.

Dimitrios Zappas,
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