What is ForexCopy?

ForexCopy is a service that allows you to earn money by copying trades of successful traders. Alternatively, you can provide your trades for copying and get extra profit from it.
How does ForexCopy work?
When traders open new positions, they are automatically copied to the Followers’ accounts. Traders charge a commission for copying their positions, which our company can cover.
The Follower sets up automatic copying of positions
The Trader opens a position
The trade is automatically copied to the Follower’s account
Both the Trader and the Follower earn money
A commission is deducted from the Follower’s account and credited to the Trader
ForexCopy advantages for Followers:
Opportunity to make money on Forex even with little experience;
Large choice of best-performing Traders’ projects with full and transparent statistics;
Minimum deposit totaling only $10;
Full control over trading on your account;
Flexible payment options for copying, including payments covered by the company;
Opportunity to reduce risks by copying positions of several traders.
ForexCopy advantages for Traders:
Extra source of income from a profitable strategy;
Opportunity to set any payment method for copying trades;
Availability of your account in the public Monitoring, seen by more than 7 million InstaForex clients;
Unlimited number of followers and unlimited profit from copying;
More than 400 instruments for trading: currencies, stocks, metals, and cryptocurrencies;
Double profit if you attract Followers by yourself.
You can be both the Trader and the Follower, that is, you can copy positions of other traders and provide your own trades for copying at the same time.
TOP ForexCopy traders
Five best accounts for copying trades through the ForexCopy system
TOP 5 profitable traders
Start making money on ForexCopy right now!
Hurry up! Time is money! Start making money on ForexCopy right now! It is enough to either choose a trader and copy trades, or provide access to your trading activity.
Sistem ForexCopy
Apa itu sistem ForexCopy?
Sistem ForexCopy menawarkan peluang untuk menyalin tawaran pedaagng dalam mod masa sebenar dan membuka mereka secara automatik di dalam akaun pengikut. Pengikut ForexCopy boleh melaraskan bilangan perdagangan, menetapkan nisbah pilihan lot dan instrumen perdagangan untuk menyalin tawaran daripada pedagang ForexCopy tertentu.
Bolehkah saya, sebagai pengikut ForexCopy, memilih instrumen dan saiz lot perdagangan untuk disalin ke akaun saya?
Ya, anda boleh berbuat sedemikian. Anda boleh menyalin kesemua perdagangan atau hanya berdagang pada instrumen yang anda pilih.
Bilakah pedagang ForexCopy akan menerima komisen untuk menyalin?
Komisen akan dibayar kepada Pedagang ForexCopy berdasarkan kepada perkara berikut:
- Apabila langganan dibatalkan oleh Pedagang ForexCopy atau Pengikut ForexCopy;
- Apabila fungsi rollover diaktifkan (sementara pedagang menyalin akan terus pada akaun Pengikut ForexCopy tanpa pembatalan langganan);
- Jika Pedagang ForexCopy memilih komisen harian, mereka akan menerimanya setiap hari pada jam 23:30 (GMT +2).
Bolehkah saya sebagai pengikut ForexCopy membatalkan perdagangan yang disalin jika saya menganggap ia berpotensi membawa kepada kerugian?
Anda boleh menutup di dalam MetaTrader, tetapi ia adalah satu perkara yang mustahil untuk membatalkannya.
Tidak boleh bertanya sekarang?
Tanya soalan anda di Ruangan bersembang.
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